West Java Ombudsman Opens UN Grievance Command Post

Republika, page 5

The West Java Representative of Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia opened a grievance command post (posko) for complaints of violations of the National Examinations and the National Based School Exams (UN-USBN) at the West Java (Jabar) Ombudsman office, Jalan Kebonwaru Utara, Bandung. Coordinator of the Monitoring and Implementation of UN-USBN Ombudsman Jabar, Noer Adhe Purnama said Ombudsman opened a complaints/grievance command post to encourage students to be more active if they find fraud during implementation of the UN.

Irregularities were still found in the implementation of UN committed by the school as well as the inspectors. Last year, the form of deviation was related to school inspector procedures.  For example, the answer sheets that should be signed in the exam room; was found to have been signed in the committee room. In addition, there were supervisors who allowed communication tools/devices brought into the exam room.

Therefore, he continued, in its implementation this time he hoped these aberrations could continue to be quelled. Moreover, with the cooperation between the Ombudsman and the West Java Provincial Administration and the anti-extortion team in order to reduce fraud.

Adhe also appealed to all the people particularly students to report any fraud during implementation of UN by coming to the Ombudsman office, or by telephoning. Later, if there are infringements ombudsman will gather (data) to be submitted to the Ombudsman Center in order to be followed up with the relevant ministries.

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