Teachers’ Protection Regulation In Question

Koran Sindo, page 2

The government issued a protection regulation for education personnel through the Minister of Education and Culture Regulation (Permendikbud) No. 10/2017.  However, a number of circles doubt the effectiveness of the regulation that would protect teachers from violence, professional protection, occupational safety, and intellectual property rights.

One of the highlights among many is that the protection regulation is only  a ministerial regulation (Permen), while many teachers are charged with the Child Protection Act (UU) when they were allegedly charged with  abuse during the learning process. This was expressed by the Chairperson of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PB-PGRI), Unifah Rasyidi in Jakarta, yesterday (26/3).

According to Unifah, these two types of rules are at different levels whereupon the Act/UU  is much more powerful than a mere Permen. To be noted that  Permendikbud No. 10/2017 was enacted in Jakarta this March. It includes four aspects, namely legal protection from violence, protection of the profession, occupational health and safety protection as well as protection of intellectual property rights. The Kemendikbud will be seeking to protect in the form of non-litigation advocacy, while local administrations  can provide the resources and mechanisms for providing protection.

Unifah revealed that many cases of alleged abuse by  teachers had to culminate in court. Most of these cases are based on alleged violations of the Child Protection Act. In addition to the level of the rules, according to Unifah the implementation of Permendikbud 10/2017 will also be hampered by the limited resources in the Kemendikbud. With the number of teachers reaching 3.2 million and the level of distribution is throughout Indonesia, the Kemendikbud apparatus required are in large numbers in order to oversee/supervise the rule.

According to her  there need to be  echelons 3 and 4 in the regions that could handle teacher protection or there should be a special institution with a standard operating procedure which  can realize the contents of the protection regulation. According to Unifah, preferably Kemendikbud should cooperate/work together with established professional organizations in all regions in order to provide non-litigation advocacy as envisaged in the regulation.

Meanwhile Inspector General (Irjen) of Kemendikbud, Daryanto said that Permendikbud 10/2017 on Protection of Teachers and Education Personnel will become a safety factor for teachers in teaching. But on the other hand the Kemendikbud wants teachers to still uphold the principles of decency in carrying out their profession. He wanted cases of teachers reported to the police for physically punishing pupils, not to be repeated. He added that the Kemendikbud, will jointly assist the teachers with legal problems, and build synergies in escorting/guarding and assisting teachers and education personnel both in the scope of the regional administrations and also communities.

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