41 Thousand Teachers Retake Competency Test

Jawa Pos, page 1

There is always a second chance. It also applies to the 41,218 teachers who did not pass the 2016 teacher competency test (UKG).   They can follow the UKG retake on 25 – 29 April.   The policy to hold the UKG retake was stipulated in the letter of the Directorate General of (Ditjen) of Teachers and Education Personnel Ministry of Education and Culture dated 27 March on the 2017 teacher certification program.

There are two major agenda related to teacher certification this year; namely, the implementation of UKG retake and determination of the 2017 certification participants. The retake test provides opportunity for teachers to obtain professional allowance. It is appreciated by Chairman of the Indonesian Teachers Association (IGI) Muhammad Rahim Ramli. According to him, the teachers should better prepare themselves.

Tens of thousands of teachers did not pass the UKG because they did not meet the minimum grade of 80 points.  Some circles say the passing grade was too high. However, the figure is non-negotiable. Because the consequences obtained are also great.
Ramli said teacher recipients of professional allowances should indeed be professional teachers with high competency standards. Hopefully, the state money used to pay the teachers’ professional allowances is rewarded with impacts on quality learning.


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