Menristekdikti Invites Santri/Students to Vie for Bidikmisi Scholarships

Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Menristekdikti) M Nasir invited Islamic boarding school students (santri of pondok pesantren) to take part in competing together with general students to obtain Bidikmisi scholarship quota. Santris in Indonesia, he continued, should be educated at universities anywhere. It was revealed by Menristekti at Pondok Pesantren Mamba’ul Anwar, Denanyar, Jombang, East Java, on Tuesday (28/3).

Nasir said the Bidikmisi scholarship program is open to anyone who qualifies including santris. One thing is for sure, Bidikmisi will only be eligible for students starting from semester one at state universities. Therefore, Nasir invited santris to continue to work hard in order to perform well in their classes. Such good performance could facilitate santris to obtain a variety of scholarship programs.

Menristekdikti said, for santris who cannot afford, but are achievers need not be discouraged and should strive to later be able to get a Bidikmisi scholarship.  Kemenristekdikti also facilitates and ensures those who memorize the 30 chapters of the Qur’an to enter PTN.

Bidikmisi itself is a government program in the form of tuition assistance for economically underprivileged prospective students and have good academic potential to study in higher education in excellent study programs until graduating on time.


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