Some of the Equivalency Students Ready to Take UNBK

Suara Pembaruan, page 16

Implementation of the National Exam (UN) 2017 for senior high schools (SMA) and their equivalent will be held on April 13 to 15, 2017. Head of Center for Educational Assessment (Puspendik) of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Nizam, said that the preparation of UN had run smoothly. This included the readiness of the Computer-Based National Exam (UNBK) for equivalency students.

Nizam explained this year is the first year that the Equivalency Education has switched to UNBK. Therefore, his authority has conducted a simulation to assess the students’ readiness. This simulation brings with it learning benefits not only for the students but also for the managerial officials at the Community Learning Center (PKBM), Education Offices, and other education stakeholders.

UNBK Simulation for equivalency students was held in 34 provinces and followed by students of the Educational Program Packets B and C. Nizam explained that the simulation was held to eliminate the concerns of many parties that thought UNBK was difficult and caused anxiety among Education Offices, managerial officers, and students of equivalency education.

According to Nizam, the government provides a very friendly application on implementation of UNBK. Students who have used phones certainly have no difficulty in operating computers. They can change the answers easily. This can be done by clicking or moving to the other answer. Therefore, students will feel at ease with the UNBK.





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