FSGI: Government Should Review Implementation of USBN

Suara Pembaruan, page 16

Secretary General of the Indonesian Federation of Teachers’ Union (FSGI), Retno Listyarti said that reports of  leaks in the national standard school exams (USBN) from various regions showed the lack of readiness of schools organizing the USBN. Reputedly the cheating that occurred on the USBN is one of the problems that had previously occurred on the national exam (UN), but it had shifted from the center to the regions. Retno said that  the government should review the implementation of the USBN. There should be improvements in order for schools and students not to cheat, and the students are not sacrificed by the system created.

Retno said that  the USBN has moved the issues from the center to the regions. Ideally, the USBN need not be held if they still use the national standard method. Just have the students’ abilities tested using the previous method, namely the national exams and school exams (US).

Retno added that with the implementation of the US, the students really think hard in solving the problems. There  were no  children found completing the exams  in a short time. Children are independent and want to try. Moreover, there were no leaks in the US. FSGI has re-voiced moratorium on the UN and USBN. If the government  wants to delegate it to the teachers, it  should fully hand over to them thus provide trust to the teachers working group (KKG) which  are joined in the Deliberation of Subject Teachers (MGMP).

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