UKG Passing Grade Too High

Jawa Pos, page 16

The minimum passing grade for the Teacher Competency Test (UKG) 2016 set by Kemendikbud is considered  too high. In the UKG 2017 retake which will be held from 25 April,  the minimum passing grade is expected to be lowered.

As previously reported, the UKG 2016 passing grade was set at 80 points. The UKG participating teachers who could not reach that grade was declared as failing/ not passing the teacher professional education and training (PLPG). After the UKG 2016 results were announced, there were 41,218 teachers who did not pass. Automatically their opportunity to obtain professional certification as a requirement for receiving teacher professional allowance (TPG) was delayed.

Former Rector of the State University of Yogyakarta, Rochmat Wahab, who was involved in the implementation of the UKG 2016, said that the passing grade was set by Kemendikbud and has already received approval from the vice president. He said that for this year he objected to the UKG passing grade of 80 points. The reason is because  the average grade of teachers obtained in the UKG-2015 was only 43 points. According to him, increasing the passing grade to 80 points from the average grade of 43 points was unrealistic.

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