Character Education Instilled Since Early Childhood

Suara Pembaruan, page 16

One of the foci of attention of President Joko Widodo’s Nawa Cita program in the preparation of competitive human resources (HR) is Strengthening of Character Education (PPK) in all levels of education. Related to this, Chairperson of Character Education, Organization of Solidarity of Working Cabinet Era (Oase KK), Ratna Megawangi justified, that in the preparation of human resources in the 21st century, character education becomes the primary factor to be instilled in children from an early age.

Character education is very important to be instilled as early as possible, so that the Indonesian people have high work ethic, responsibility, discipline, and other superior character. In this case, the teacher as an agent of change must be cognizant of superior character that will be instilled holistically on their students by example.

Ratna said at the opening of the Paud Teachers’ Akbar training that this akbar/great training gives provisions to teachers in order to implement the character-based holistic education model that has proved effective in shaping children of character. She explained the role of character is very important in the ability of understanding other science/knowledge.  Because, having good morals results in good character.

Character education, said Ratna could be instilled through religious education, because religion has an important role in accordance with the main precepts of Pancasila, namely the One and Only God. In addition, noble character should be developed through moral education in citizenship/ civics. Because after all these years there are still problems related to morals.

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