Kemendikbud to Complete Competency Upgrade for PAUD Teachers by 2019

The Directorate General of Teacher and Educational Personnel of The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) is targeting the completion of competency upgrading of 186,000 PAUD, TK, TPA and Public Education teachers by 2019. This was stated by the Development Director of Teacher and Educational Personnel of Early Childhood Education and Public Education.

Abdoellah explained that there are more than 531,000 teachers of non-formal education, TPA, TK, Paud, and Public Education. Of these, 312,000 teachers are not scholars. Therefore, the government is trying to upgrade these teachers. So far, GTK has trained 125,000 teachers by gradual training, advanced and proficient level. The completion of teachers competency upgrading was the initiative of First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo to Kemendikbud.

Abdoellah explained that Kemendikbud collaborated with regency/city education offices to release teams who foster teachers. This will accelerate the competency upgrading of teachers.

He explained that Kemendikbud will train 10,000 teachers all over Indonesia in 2017. The Ministry of Villages cooperates with The World Bank in providing training to around 7,500 teachers. He hoped that each regency/city office is able to train, at least, 2,500 teachers. In addition, the government will empower Work Center Group (PKG) to provide training in the regions. He also said that currently only 71 percent of local governments allocate their APBD to teachers’ empowerment of non-formal education.


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