Student Smokers Alarming

Republika, page 5

Pemuda Muhammadiyah (Muhammadiyah Youths) are concerned about the rising number of student cigarette smokers in line with the widespread cigarette advertising that target schools. Since the beginning Muhammadiyah’s stance has firmly rejected the presence of cigarette advertisements and asked the government to crackdown on cigarette advertisements.

The remark was made by Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Youth Central Executive Board, Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak. He said the government should cooperate with various parties to remove tobacco advertising near schools.

In addition, he continued, the government should also raise the price of cigarette tax and regulate the cigarette sales system that has prevailed in Indonesia. It is intended to suppress the development of adolescent smokers who are still in school or poor/underprivileged smokers.

Dahnil said the development level of young smokers and poor smokers in Indonesia is the highest in the world. Therefore, it needs to be pressed by changing fiscal policy. By raising the cigarette tax rate, he added, would prompt students, teenagers, and poor smokers in Indonesia to not afford the price of cigarettes which in turn would rise.


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