Early Education is Key to Prevention

Kompas, page 12

The survey result of the Central Bureau of Statistics states that 28 million women had experienced physical or sexual abuse which proves women are under threat of violence. Early education in families is the key to preventing this.  The Deputy Head of Protection of Women’s Rights of the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA), Venetia Danes said that violence against women is the result of differences in the relationship between men and women such as stereotypes, subordination, marginalization, and discrimination against women.

Therefore Vennetia explained that she was intensively familiarizing and conducting advocacy on gender equality in various areas of development. The targets are to students and higher education students so that from the beginning they understand about the equality between men and women. The government also continues to improve early prevention of violence against women, from upstream through formal as well as informal education. This should be done in an integrated and comprehensive manner, involving various stakeholders.

Irwan Martua Hidayana, a researcher at the Center of Gender and Sexuality Studies, of the Social and Political Faculty (FISIP), University of Indonesia, agreed that prevention of violence against women must begin from formal education with a curriculum that teaches students and university students about the prevention of violence against women. Irwan said that education is one of the continuous programs to prevent violence against women. The government’s commitment in formal education should be immediately realized.

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