Electricity Not a Constraint for the 2017 UN

Republika, page 5

The Timika Region State Electricity Company PT PLN (Persero) ensures that there would be no power outages during the implementation of the 2017 National Examination (UN). Schools can implement the exams smoothly as of today.  Manager of PLN Timika Papua, Salmon Karet said that it has been prepared by PLN since the exam tryouts and other preparations in all schools have been anticipated.

The Timika Secondary Education Agency has written to PLN related to implementation of the UN. Salmon said that the UNBK organizing schools in Timika have also coordinated with his party.

Implementation of UN in Timika has become a priority. He said that many electrical installation activities in some areas were canceled because the company must prioritize the UN.  Salmon hopes that implementation of the UN would not be accompanied by bad weather because bad weather can affect the electricity network.

UN for SMK level will be held starting from today until April 6.  A total of 19 schools in Timika hold this exam. UN committee for high school and vocational high school level in Timika Regency, Selcius Aron, said that out of 19 schools organizing the UN, nine schools organize UNBK. The rest still manually implement the UN using paper and pencil.


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