Everybody Cheating on UN will be Prosecuted

Media Indonesia, page 22

The Minister of Education and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy, requested students who take the national exam (UN) to prioritize honesty. He affirmed that there will be no tolerance for schools that cheat by leaking the questions to their students; if they violate the rules and sufficient evidence exists of this, they will be subject to legal prosecution and its consequences.

Muhadjir continued that he holds the authority to litigate such case at the criminal level, as the UN questions can be viewed as the nation’s ‘secret documents’. The parties leaking such documents are thus liable to criminal prosecution.

Muhadjir invited teachers to be a good role models by providing no leaks in any form. Teachers should let the students do UN by themselves. If a student fails the UN, this will become a lesson of life for them. The lesson to be learned is that studying hard is the key to reaching success. He hoped that the thus year’s implementation of UN will be better than in previous years.

As we know, UN in SMK level was started on this day until Thursday (6/4). For SMA level, UN will start next week on Monday (10/4) to Thursday (13/4).


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