Schools that Organize UNBK Exceeded the Target

Kompas, page 12, Saturday, April 1

The national exam of academic school year 2016/2017 will be taken by 7,344,658 students of SMP/MTs and SMA/MA/SMK. Almost 50 percent of students will take the computer-based national exam, with the rest taking the paper-based exam.

The Head of Education Assessment Center of Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Nizam, in Jakarta, on Friday (31/3), said that both the computer-based national exam (UNBK) and pencil and paper-based national exam (UNPK) are ready for implementation. The exam for SMK level is scheduled on April 3-6, SMA/MA level from April 10-13 April, and finally SMP/MTs level that will run from May 15 to 17.

Data from Kemdikbud indicated that the implementation of UNBK at SMK level has reached over 78 percent of schools, while SMA/MA level has reached almost 47 percent of schools. Meanwhile SMP/MTs level has only reached about 20 percent of schools.

Nizam explained that trials and rehearsals of UNBK went smoothly. Problems found were technical in nature, such as UNBK at the last connection to schools. While in the center, he said that all ran well because servers were added and they met the needs of all schools.

Kemendikbud also coordinated with PLN in order tp ensure electricity supply runs smoothly while UN occurs.

Meanwhile, Head of Education and Culture Office of Jateng, Gatot Bambang Hastowo, said that data from Education and Education Office of Jateng, SMA that conducted UNBK reached 82.63 percent, MA reached 80.73 percent, and SMK reached 99.79 percent. These numbers all exceeded the target stipulated by the Minister of Education and Culture, which was 80 percent. By such target, UN would be expected to be low budget.



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