IGI: UN should be UNBK 100 percent


Union of Indonesian Teacher (IGI) considered that the implementation of the national exam (UN) should be 100 percent the computer-based national exam (UNBK). The general head of IGI, Muhammad Ramli Rahim, said computer facilities should not be a problem. Ramli detailed that several regions had reported problems concerning the implementation of UNBK at SMK level, such as electricity failures at several schools in Riau, and data server troubles at several schools in South Sulawesi.

Ramli stated that in general the UNBK is reliable in terms of integrity. This is because the system has lessened the tendency to cheat. Thus, he questioned the reason why only 88.6% of SMK students had taken the UNBK, even though the government had separated the UN schedulefor SMP, SMA, and SMK levels.

He believed that if the local governments of regencies/cities and provinces cooperated to map the schools, every school would be able to communicate with one another. In other words, by communicating a school can use the computer facilities owned by other schools. SMK students could be at SMA and conversely, SMP students could be at SMK. Although this could be a solution, he found that there are still heads of schools or local government agencies (SKPD) for education who only view UNBK as a “project” to procure computers for UNBK.

Link: http://www.republika.co.id/berita/pendidikan/eduaction/17/04/03/onudax384-igi-seharusnya-unbk-bisa-100-persen



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