Server and Internet Dominate Complaints

Jawa Pos, page 3

The SMK national exam (UN) went smoothly yesterday (3/4). There were some problems that arose on the ground. However, the complaint level was still minor.  They were dominated by internet and server problems. Overall, complaints coming into Kemendikbud reached 383. The most complaints came from the West Java Province, which reached 85. Then followed by Central Java (55), North Sumatra (37) and East Java (32). The types of complaints were predominantly infrastructure problems at the school and central levels totaling 148 (38 percent).

Head of Communications and Community Services (BKLM) Kemendikbud Ari Santoso explained the UN infrastructure problems were associated with servers, computers, or Internet network. Problems in the implementation of the computer-based national exam (UNBK) yesterday, among others arose from Makassar, South Sulawesi. UNBK was delayed 20 minutes due to server connection problems. Allegedly, the cause was the quite dense access traffic so that the server was overloaded.

The server problem was also felt by student participants of Batam City UNBK. At SMK Negeri 1 Sagulung, the server also experienced problems. As a result, 22 examinees in one room had to wait 15 minutes before the server was re-connected.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Teachers Association (IGI) Muhammad Rahim Ramli explained, from IGI networking, there were incoming reports on UNBK problems. Among others in Riau there had been a blackout. Then, there had also occurred a server connection problem. But, in general the UNBK ran smoothly. According to Ramli, UNBK was quite effective in suppressing potential fraud. To that end, he regretted why the percentage of students who did UNBK was about 88 percent. If the constraint was computer infrastructure, it could have been addressed.

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