UN Complaints Reach Into The Hundreds

Media Indonesia, page 24

On the first day of the national exam (UN) at Vocational High School (SMK) level yesterday, 383 complaints were received by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) center. Most of complaints were related to the implementation of computer-based UN (UNBK) which were due to several problems. The Head of UNBK Coordinator of Kemendikbud, Ari Santoso, said that Kemendikbud received 383 complaints through website (Kemendikbud) on the first day of UNBK. Kemendikbud already followed up on 305 complaints. This was stated at the press conference concerning UN at Kemendikbud, Jakarta, yesterday (Monday, 3/4).

The majority of complaints (160) were related to problems with the main server, while other complaints involved 25 cases concerning the backup server, 9 cases of unlocking synchronization, 9 cases of unlocking the serial number, as well as 180 cases for which there was no direct information. The greatest number of complaints came from West Java with 85 complaints, followed by Central Java (55), North Sumatra (37), East Java (32), DKI Jakarta (23), Jambi (22), Lampung (22), East Nusa Tenggara (14), Banten (12), South Sumatra (11), as well as South Sulawesi, and North Sulawesi each with 9 complaints.

The majority of complaints were in accordance with the statement by the Head of the Education Office of South Sulawesi, Irman Yasin Limpo who said that the server of center was slow to load while he was opening the questions on the computer.

Irman also stated that this probably happened because the students all opened the questions at the same time, thus the server was subject to a high traffic load. However, no student was disadvantaged. At this time, the student’s password or token had not yet been input. The time only started to run after the password or token had been input.

Meanwhile, Inspector General of Kemendikbud, Daryanto, said that UN at SMK level started earlier than SMA level, on April 3-6, 2017, for a reason. The consideration was that SMK computers could be used for the UN of SMA, which runs from April 13-15, 2017. UNBK participants of SMK students are 1,100,000 students or 88.6% of the total 1,327,246 SMK students. The UN subjects at SMK level are Bahasa Indonesia on the first day, Math on the second day, English on the third day, and the Vocational Theory on the fourth day.


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