Ombudsman Discovers 10 USBN Violations

Republika, page 5

The Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia (ORI) assessed the importance of supervision in the national standard school examination (USBN). This is because the USBN is a form of standardized school exam which refers to Permendikbud No. 3 of 2017. Based on Ombudsman monitoring there were 10 maladministrations in the USBN. The coordinator of the Ombudsman Team 7 on Education, Rully Amirulloh said that in the first finding, it was related to the production, duplication, and distribution of exam questions that were done by the regional administrations without the strict supervision of Kemendikbud.

The second discovery was the lack of coordination with the police in the process of securing the printing and distribution of the exam questions thus causing  leaks of the answer keys. The third finding is that  the invigilators did not use the cross supervision  system thus raising doubts on the independence of the supervisors. The fourth finding is that there was no special competence test in recruiting members of the deliberation of subject teachers in the formulation and incorporation of the exam questions.

Rully continued that the fifth finding was there were still some schools which  do not have a supervisory integrity pact. Whereas it is to ensure the confidentiality of the test execution. The sixth, ORI found that there were levies to the amount of Rp.25 thousand by teacher perpetrators to examinees to obtain answer keys.

In addition, the seventh finding, there were schools  organizing the computer-based USBN advising the examinees to bring personal laptops due to inadequate school facilities. In the process of exam organizing, ORI also found that supervisors created inconducive conditions, including using mobile phones while supervising the exams. The ninth discovery was related to participants who brought communication and electronic equipment into the exam room. In the last finding, there were participants who received answer keys from the teacher, which occurred in one of the private madrasah aliyah/ schools.

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