Schools Encouraged to Create Facilities

Kompas, page 12

The computer-based national exam is interpreted as part of efforts in the provision of facilities and learning facilities. Some schools are encouraged to assemble and buy facilities compliant to the digital era standard.  It is rated as an investment for continued/ sustainable learning. Vice Principal of SMK Negeri 5 South Tangerang (Tangsel) Syambodi Dodi said, in January 2017, SMKN 5 Tangsel officially moved into its own building in the Pamulang area. In that building, learning activities are supported by Internet network capacity of 8 megabytes per second (mbps) with 16 gigabyte memory server.

Available also in the school is its own Internet network tower which is directly connected to the internet service provider. On the front of the premises, a generator is ready to work in case of power failure when the computer-based national exam (UNBK) takes place. SMKN 5 Tangsel’s server strength is eight times better than the requirements set by Kemdikbud.

It was similarly pursued by SMK Al-Muhtadin, Depok, West Java. Four computer servers are of quadrupled capacity from Kemdikbud requirements. The school has 80 original table computers, not assembled. The price is indeed expensive, but the benefits are not just for UNBK. The computers can be used to the maximum for learning in the next five years.

A number of vocational high schools (SMK) in Purwokerto, Central Java, also rushed to buy several computers ahead of UNBK last Monday. Principal of SMK Diponegoro I Ani Susanti said, with the equipment, namely the new computers, in future they could continue to be used by students of multimedia classes. The school purchased six new computers and one server computer in early 2017 with total funds of Rp 30 million.

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