Still Tainted with 383 Complaints

Suara Pembaruan, page 16

The implementation of the first day of the 2017 National Examination (UN) with the subject of Bahasa Indonesia went smoothly for the vocational high schools (SMK). This was conveyed by the Inspector General of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud), Daryanto based on reports from a number of implementation points of the UN SMK in the country.  Even so Daryanto also admits that this first day was still marked by complaints from various regions. The Kemdikbud command post even received complaints since Day 1 of the national exam (UN). It is recorded that until Monday (3/4) there were 383 complaints.

Daryanto said that on the first day of UN SMK nothing was abnormal based on unannounced inspection results in four vocational schools in the Jakarta area. However the Kemendikbud still accepted/ received feedback of suggestions and complaints from various regions.

Daryanto said that  of the reports received, his team immediately took actions to  resolve the problems namely  school infrastructure problems (148), central infrastructure (4), human resources (40), applications (40), standard operating procedures (SOP) and others (33), and with no description/information (52) so it totaled 383 complaints.

The reason for the presence of the complaints according to Daryanto is because the number of students and schools that participated in the Computer Based National Examinations (UNBK) had increased rapidly. It has been recorded that out of 1,327,246 SMK students taking the UN, 88.6% or 1,176,391 students are taking the UNBK. In fact there are six provinces with 100 percent participation in UNBK namely, Bangka Belitung, DKI-Jakarta, Yogyakarta (DIY), South Kalimantan (Kalsel), East Java (Jatim), and South Sulawesi (Sulsel). While for the Paper Pencil National Exam (UNPK) totaled 150,855 students.

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