UNBK postponed for 2 hours due to Power Outage

Media Indonesia, page 22

Due to a power outage, implementation of the Computer-Based National Exam (UNBK) 2017 at SMK Annuqayah and SMK Alhidayah Bragung, Guluk-Guluk Sub-district, Sumenep, East Java, was delayed. The two-hour delay was due to the power going off at 11:40 and not coming back on until 13.40. As a result, the second session of UNBK at these schools was delayed.

The person responsible for overseeing the UNBK at SMK Annuqayah, Riyadi, said that it was impossible to continue the exam without the internet network and thus the exam was postponed until the power resumed working normally.

The Manager of PLN of Sumenep Region, Slamet, confirmed the outage in Guluk-guluk Sub-district was due to an electrical transformer problem due to the weather. A similar incident happened on the first day of UNBK on Monday (3/4) at several schools in the Banyumas Regency. On this occasion, the students were unwilling to wait for the power to return and thus completed the UNBK in the evening.

The Assistant of Prevention Division of Ombudsman RI of West Sumatra, Adel Wahidi, said that UNBK was postponed for 20 minutes because of a server problem. He said that the server problem was one of the findings while the Ombudsman was supervising the implementation of UNBK at three SMK in Padang.

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