Next Year Earmark Rp 10 T

Indopos, page 2

The principal of the education endowment fund would increase. This is because next year the government targets injecting a budget of Rp 10 trillion. This figure is quadrupled compared to this year’s disbursement that was only set at 2.5 trillion.

Currently the principal education endowment fund or the national education development fund (DPPN) managed by the Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP) has reached Rp 21.5 trillion. Each year the managed funds are used for scholarships, researches, and education emergency funds.  This year the managed proceeds are used for scholarships reaching Rp 3 trillion for 21 thousand recipients both inside and outside the country.

Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Menristekdikti), Muhammad Nasir said that next year the government is targeting to inject principal education endowment fund totaling Rp 10 trillion.

Nasir explained that the allocation of the education endowment fund is set aside from the educational function fund. The nominal for next year’s endowment will sharply increase compared to 2016 which amounted Rp.5 trillion. Then this year the education endowment fund allocation is Rp. 2.5 trillion. The increased education endowment fund is expected to improve the quality of education and research. The utilization of the education endowment fund is more flexible because it is not affected by such rigid rules as in the state budget.

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