Teachers Spurious at UN Will Directly Be Fired

Media Indonesia, page 23

To improve the quality and honesty of the implementation of the national exam (UN) currently being held, the Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud), Muhadjir Effendy issued threats and ultimatums that teachers who have been proven to be involved in fraud in the UN would be fired. Muhadjir asks teachers to stop poisoning/influencing students with dishonesty, such as providing the UN answer keys because the UN is no longer a prerequisite for graduation.

Muhadjir said that based on Ombudsman reports there are teachers selling USBN answer keys worth Rp25 thousand per subject. This sanction was made in order to have a deterrent effect. Teachers who are proven cheating will be fired. Muhadjir stated that the dismissal sanctions for civil servant (PNS) teachers will be coordinated with the Directorate General of Teachers and Education Personnel.  Muhadjir asked the foundations of private schools to impose similar sanctions against their cheating teachers.

He reminded the teacher’s role is very important as the upstream in the nation’s character building. If the teachers in the upstream are rotten/dirty, it will be difficult for us to build the civilization such that there will be born derelict businesspeople and also derelict religious figures because of teachers like these.

Mendikbud also asked all parties including parents to report if they find evidence of fraud committed by teachers, school principals and up to the education agencies. Without support of the community the law enforcement efforts will not run optimally.

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