Many UN Students Must Retake UN

Kompas, Page 12

The last day, Thursday (6/4), of the SMK level computer-based national exam saw problems in presenting questions of vocational theory in accordance with the skills program. As a result, many students failed to complete the exam. They were forced to retake the exam.

Incomplete presentation of vocational theoretical questions occurred in a number of vocational high schools (SMK) in a number of areas. The number of incomplete questions students received differed. Some had only received six questions from a total of 40 questions. However, this problem only occurred in certain skills programs.

As experienced by 237 students of SMK Negeri 2 Surabaya, East Java, from three departments were forced to follow a retake of UNBK on April 19. Yesterday they could not finish the vocational theory test because there were disturbances in the system. Committee Chairman of the UNBK SMKN 2 Surabaya Dwi Wahyu Hidayat said the system interruption occurred in the first and third sessions. The disruption resulted in the questions coming out in the system not intact or the questions that appeared were questions for other departments/ majors.

It was similarly experienced by hundreds of students of SMKs in Banyumas and Purbalingga, Central Java. Committee Secretary of UNBK SMK Yos Sudarso Sokaraja, Banyumas, Florentina Haswari said, from a total of 34 students of grade XII taking the exam, there were 16 children who must retake the exam. While in Purbalingga, Committee Chairman of UNBK Implementation of Purbalingga regency Juwani said there were six SMKs experiencing similar disruptions.

Related to that, Head of Education Assessment Center of the Ministry of Education and Culture Nizam said that the issue was due to the many vocational varieties, there are more than 170 skills programs in SMK.  Vocational theory test model becomes more complex than that of the general subjects. There are those using animation, video, and others so that not all hardware and software could run well. At present, his party was still making inventory so that the problem does not happen again.

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