Prevent UN Cheating Monitor Bimbel Agencies

Media Indonesia, page 22

Firm SANCTIONS against perpetrators of fraud in the organizing of national exams (UN) should not only be imposed on the teacher. The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) is also requested to oversee tutoring agencies (bimbel) alleged to contribute to leaking questions.

Education observer Itje Khodijah said anyone who committed fraud in the UN should duly get either warnings or punishment.  Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) decided on the punishment of dismissal (teacher). It could be appropriate to be enforced. However, the problem is that the ones leaking both questions and answers are not always the teacher. There are bimbel institutions that are unstructured to also have the potential to do it and the wider community who may have access to leak both questions and answers.

The national teacher trainer said there are Bimbel institutions that honestly guide/coach and there are those with other objectives.   However, when asked which Bimbel agency data that are likely to cheat UN, Itje said it could be asked to the Federation of Indonesia Teachers Union (FSGI). According to her, the implementation of the UN has a weakness that will continue to encourage fraud. Because the learning process is measured at the end through high-stakes testing such as the UN, the odds of efforts to ‘seek the easy way’ will be high.

She said the success of the learning process should be measured through the assessment conducted by the teachers, in accordance with the purpose of learning. Thus, said Itje, we can be sure both teachers and students could find the success rate of learning.  If there is a goal yet to be achieved, it could soon be found before the end of the period of study.

Through assessment as well she added the teachers will get a picture of whether there are shortcomings in students or themselves. If nearly all children obtain low scores, you can bet there is something lacking in the teacher side.

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