Research should be Innovative and Practical

Republika, page 5

The Ministry of Research and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti) has requested that research be innovative and practical. This is because research is key to developing the competitiveness of a country.

This was stated by Dirjen of Research Affirmation and Development of Kemristekdikti, Muhammad Dimyati in Graha Sabha Pramana UGM, on Thursday (6/4). He said that the research should not only meet the requirements of education, but also benefit society.

He also stated that Kemenristekdikti has reformulated the funding for research to upgrade the productivity of the research in the universities. This simplicity is expected to support innovative and invention-oriented research.

In terms of publication of research papers, Indonesia still lags some way behind other ASEAN countries such as Malaysia and Thailand. Indonesia had only 1,406 reports publications in 2016, far, far below the figures from Malaysia which had 25,000 research papers published n 2016.

However, the government is optimistic that Indonesia will be able to reach the top rank of research publications in ASEAN. Kemenristekdikti has prepared instruments, such as Permenristekdikti that can support the achievement of the intellectual property by copyrights, brands, geographical indications, industrial design, layout of integrated circuits, trade secrets, patents, and the protection of plant varieties.


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