Government Prepares Solution to UNBK Technical Constraints

Media Indonesia, page 22

The Ministry of Education and Culture ascertains/makes sure the participants of the national exams are not harmed/disadvantaged in the event of a technical fault in the execution of the test. Technical errors are prone to happen on the computer-based national exams (UNBK). Some technical constraints such as power outages, damage to main server of schools, student’s computer is damaged, up to failing to login are often the problems encountered during preparation and trial testing. Head of Kemdikbud Center for Educational Assessment Nizam said, there are already solutions to these problems and have been resolved.

The rest said Nizam all the preparations ran smoothly and according to schedule.  All high schools conducting the paper-based exam need only execute.  So far, based on the experience of SMK level UNBK run last week, the government claimed to have found no serious problem. Fraud reports are also fewer than last year.

From some areas such as in Tasikmalaya, West Java, preparations underway conducted by the school committee in facing UNBK has reached 100% so no problems are expected.  Supervisor Coordinator of SMA Region VI, Garut and Tasikmalaya, Krisna Sujaya, said the committee has conducted various anticipatory measures against the emergence of possibilities that could disrupt the implementation of UNBK and still communicate primarily with PLN and PT Telkom related to the Internet network and electricity.

Meanwhile, Head of Bangka Belitung Province Education Agency Muhammad Saleh said, some schools in his region will hold the exam by using a shift system, given the number of available computers are just adequate for two shifts.

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