Jokowi Sends School Equipment to Border

Media Indonesia, page 22, Saturday Aptil 8

President Joko Widodo has delivered school supplies to five state primary schools (SDN) in the Kalimantan border. This was done in response to requests for school supplies from a number of primary school children in Bengkayang, West Kalimantan, uploaded through the Youtube social media.

Presidential Special Staff on Communication, Johan Budi said that the President saw the video and immediately ordered his staff to head to the capital of West Kalimantan Pontianak, Thursday (6/4). In Pontianak, the team shopped for school supplies. School equipment packages included school bags, uniforms, drinking bottles, as well as school supplies, such as notebooks, pencils, rulers, and crayons.

The packages will be distributed to 140 students at SDN 04 Sukung, Bengkayang Regency, West Kalimantan. In addition, packages will also be sent to a number of other schools, namely SDN 09 Senoleng (151 students), SDN 10 Medeng (168 students), SDN 11 Senebeh (148 students), and SDN 07 Kaput (35 students).

The requests from a number of school children in the West Kalimantan border, said Johan is also a note for the President to instruct subordinates to think about what the communities need at the border. The 1 minute 55 second video also showed the condition of SDN 04 Sukung with detached ceilings, doors and floor boards removed as well as weathered tables and benches.

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