Kemdikbud Boosts Coordination with PLN and Telkom

Kompas, page 12, Saturday, April 8

The Ministry of Education and Culture promised to improve coordination with the State Electricity Company (PLN) and PT Telkom in order to ensure the computer-based national exams (UNBK) in SMA/SMK and SMP/MTs run smoothly. Technical obstacles such as power outages and network (disruptions) are still a major problem for the smooth running of UNBK during its three-year implementation.

Head of the Center for Educational Assessment Kemdikbud Nizam said the technical problems found were generally previously recognized and anticipated.  He also reminded schools to observe the standard operating procedures. Puspendik will also continue to improve coordination with PLN and Telkom.

Deputy Principal of SMAN 24 Jakarta Dwiyani Ganewati said organizing the UNBK has entered the second year. The school held UNBK in two sessions each day as it has 86 computers scattered in the computer lab, language lab, and digital library. UN participants from IPA and IPS programs total 177 people.   Actually, the school wanted to carry out just one session per day, but in the trial exam this way was risky because the school bandwidth was insufficient.

Meanwhile, Head of the South Sulawesi Provincial Education Agency Irman Yasin Limpo said, not all schools implement UNBK because some of the facilities are incomplete. However, next year he targets all schools are able to carry out UNBK.

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