Library Innovation Increases Interest in Reading

Kompas, page 12, Saturday, April 8

Library service innovation is required to continue to increase public interest in reading. Along with ease of access and improved services, the general public, especially the younger generation, is believed would no longer be reluctant to access the library spaces. Head of the Semarang City Archives and Library Agency Bimbong Yogatama said reading interest of citizens in major cities needs to be improved to strengthen knowledge reference. This is especially amid recent information exposure, many of which are irresponsible.

Innovations currently being developed in Semarang, include, catalog services linked to a number of libraries in the city. Residents could simply enter the book’s title and then borrow it in a nearby library.   Bimbong said the digital library application that could be accessed through the device is currently being developed. According to plan, the application will be launched in mid 2017.  Tens of thousands of books would be available in the service.

The application is required considering the many libraries in Semarang. There are at least 177 sub-districts in Semarang that have a library. Residents could also take advantage of the Semarang City Regional Library. In addition, the library also provides electronic books that could be downloaded for free. So far, there are only 39 books and all are in Indonesian.

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