Menristek Requests PTS to Upgrade their Quality

The Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education, Mohamad Nasir, said that the Private University (PTS) should provide good education facilities to lecturers and university students. He invited PTS to upgrade the Indonesian Gross Enrollment Ratio (APK).

According to Nasir, lecturers and university students have an important role to play in the growth of innovation in a university. Therefore, lecturers and university students should receive adequate facilities. Nasir raised this point in front of practitioners and the management of Private Universities around Bali, on Sunday night in Denpasar.

He said that Indonesia was in the 29th of 138 countries in terms of the workers’ competitiveness ranking. Even in the ASEAN region, Nasir noted that Indonesia still lags some way behind Singapore and Malaysia; Singapore is 2nd and Malaysia 6th.  Therefore, Nasir affirmed that this competitiveness should be improved to increase income.

Nasir found that the Indonesian Gross Enrollment Ratio (APK) was not in balance. From the number of universities totaling 4,529, Indonesian APK was 31.5 percent. This number was a combination between Kemristekdikti and the Ministry of Religious Affairs. However, this still lags some way behind Thailand (51.2 percent), Singapore (82.7 percent), and especially South Korea (98.4 percent). Even though, they have fewer universities than Indonesia.

Therefore, Nasir requested that the C- accredited PTS should upgrade to B- accreditation, and Kopertis should assist such universities.  Meanwhile, B- accredited PTS should upgrade to A- accreditation with responsibility for the assistance being with Ditjen of the Institution. According to Nasir, this assistance was achieved last year and should continue to be upgraded.


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