UNBK More Accountable

Kompas, page 1

Implementation of computer-based national examinations (UNBK) becomes the entry point to fix assessment in education because it is more accountable and transparent. Nevertheless, the national examination system still must be addressed, not only technically, but also in substance. UNBK SMP/MTs to SMA/MA/SMK are held in stages since 3 April until May 17.  Approximately 7.7 million students of those levels sit the national exams, consisting of 49 percent taking the UNBK and 51 percent taking the paper and pencil based national exams (UNPK).

Paramadina University Institute for Education Reform Advisor Mohammad Abduhzen said that the implementation of UNBK indeed significantly fixes/addresses the technical and implementation of UN which has been laden with problems, especially the issue of fraud and question leakage.   In practice, UNBK does not allow students to obtain leaked answers as occurs in UNPK. During the exam, each student gets a different order of questions.

UNBK implementation also reduces space for question leakage.    The exam questions from the central server are downloaded to a computer server in every school on the day of the test.  After that, the questions are distributed to students’ computers via LAN cable. Students then do the questions offline.

With the advantages of UNBK, Secretary of the Education National Standards Agency (BSNP) Kiki Yulianti said UNBK becomes the entry point to improve assessment in education because it is more accountable, transparent, and well-documented. It needs to be ensured, said Kiki, that UN is implemented with integrity. Thus the real portrait of competency of graduates will be obtained from students for improvements on other standards.

Meanwhile, from the evaluation of SMK UNBK implementation, Head of Kemdikbud Research and Development Body Totok Suprayitno said, power outages are still a major obstacle of UNBK.  If the power outage is up to one hour, the school could wait. However, if the outage is more than one hour, session three scheduled for 13:30 to 15:30 is canceled and students follow UNBK retake on April 18 to 19. In terms of the internet, Totok said it was relatively not problematic.

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