Endowment Fund for Inclusive Education

Kompas, page 12

The government has set up an endowment fund which until 2030 is estimated to be Rp.400 trillion. The funds will be used for scholarships for postgraduate students and secondary school in order to realize inclusive education and to promote the quality of human resources. Coordinating Deputy on Education and Religion of the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture (Kemenko PMK), Agus Sartono said that the channeling of funds is through the Bidikmisi program for higher education.

The Bidikmisi scholarship is open to secondary education graduates of low-income families who study in universities. The registration fee, tuition and living expenses until end of the university program will be borne by the government. It is expected that the endowment fund and scholarships are not only for post graduate students and researchers. The funds have been available   since 2010 and managed by the Education Fund Management Institute. The government is also considering high school students and equivalent to receive scholarships.

Inclusive or open education is for everyone without discrimination and can be through the Long distance/Open University (UT).  UT Rector, Belawati Tian said there is no age limit or a study time limit at UT. It is open widely for those who do not have the opportunity to study in-class in conventional universities because they have to make a living.

Based on the 2012 National Social Economic Survey, out of the 20 percent of Indonesian children who are from low income families, only 10 percent continue to study in higher education.  Higher education is more accessible to children from middle to high income families. This resulted in a cycle of poverty. The quality of Indonesian labor is not improved. Presently 65 percent of the workforce is only Junior High School/ SMP graduates. University graduate work force is minimal, only 10 per cent.

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