Pancasila Education Must Re-enter the Curriculum

Suara Pembaruan, page 16

Entering the globalization era, the challenges faced by the younger generation are believed to be greater. One of the issues that are of concern today is the rise of radicalism among the younger generation who threaten the existence of Pancasila.  Chairman of the Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU), Marsudi Syuhud said that the presence of a massive movement is nearly towards radicalism to form a religious state because they do not understand the Pancasila ideology.

To that end, he said that it is necessary for the Pancasila ideology/faith to be revived. In this case, school children should again be taught Pancasila education.  Because what happens today is that many of the young generation do not understand the true meaning of Pancasila.

Furthermore, Marsudi said that his party would request the government to create a special budget to educate the Pancasila ideology to all parties. According to him, the awareness of the nation’s children must be instilled from now before it is tainted such as the case in the Middle East.

He added that educational institutions have a role in raising awareness on how important patriotism/love for one’s country is in the young generation.   By doing so, the younger generation will not be easily influenced by ideology which seek to replace Pancasila as the state ideology.

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