Quota of Online Exams Increased

Kompas, page 12

The Higher Education Entrance Joint Selection (SBMPTN) which began Tuesday (11/4) continues to accommodate participants who wish to take the exam online. Entering the second year of the provision of online test facilities, the capacity is provided for 30,000 participants, from the previous year that was only for about 2,500 participants.

Chairman of the SBMPTN Central Committee, Ravik Karsidi said that gradually the capacity for online exams has been increased. To date, the test is still in the State Higher Education (PTN) institutions that are ready with their infrastructures.  Big PTNs certainly have greater capacity to accommodate UN online participants. Ravik said that this year’s SBMPTN will be participated by 85 state universities, including the Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) and the Indonesian Cultural Arts Institute (ISBI).

Director General of Learning and Student Affairs of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Intan Ahmad supported the quality improvement of online SBMPTN. She said that the PTNs are expected to really select prospective students who will potentially succeed in higher education. Related to independent selection, whose maximum quota is 30 percent;  Intan said that she  hopes the leaders of Higher Education  may also consider applicants who have not passed in the SBMPTN but are potentially (good) students.

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