UN Not Sterile from Question Leaks

Jawa Pos, page 12

The Ministry of Education and Culture until yesterday afternoon (10/4) received 17 reports on implementation of national examinations (UN) SMA/MA.   Eight of them are reports on the issue of leakage of questions and answer keys in circulation. Kemendikbud Inspector General Daryanto promised to follow up the reports.

Unfortunately, Kemendikbud is still unwilling to reveal the whereabouts of the eight reports on question and answer key leakage.  They only said the report came from Sumatra and Java.   The reason is Kemendikbud does not want the checking on the ground to be disrupted.

From some information in circulation, the leaked exam questions are found in North Kayong Regency, West Kalimantan (Kalbar). While the answer key sales offender under police custody is a student with initials EJ at SMAN 1 Teluk Melano, Simpang Hilir Sub-district, North Kayong Regency.

After being questioned by police, EJ admitted to obtaining the answer key package from a syndicate located in Pontianak.  Then, the answer key package was sold by EJ to ten of his friends. Each child handed over Rp 450 thousand so the UN 2017 answer key package was worth Rp. 4.5 million.

Daryanto said the answer key circulation cases should be traced.  Are those in circulation valid answer keys or simply fraudulent in the guise of an answer key. He guessed that the answer keys in circulation are related to the implementation of the paper-based UN.

The computer-based UN is relatively safer.  Because, until the implementation of the test, the question combinations received were still unknown.   According to Daryanto, the public should not believe answer keys in circulation because they could even be misleading.   Irresponsible people deliberately create answer keys to be sold.

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