First and Second Days of UN Run Well

Suara Pembaruan, page 16

Minister for Religious Affairs (Menag), Lukman Hakim Syaifuddin, made unannounced inspection (Sidak) of the  implementation of the National Examination (UN) on the second day, in the subjects of Mathematics, in MAN 4 Jakarta, Tuesday (11/4).

Lukman said the implementation of the UN on the first and second day went well. There were no technical disruptions or reports of obstacles on the ground. He admitted that he indeed took special time to see the implementation of the UN and all implementation proceeded smoothly.

The smooth implementation of the UN he did not conclude just by hearing reports from teachers or the UN supervisor committee. However, Lukman interacted directly with students of UN participants at each visit. He also hoped the implementation of the UN could take place safely until the last day.

Especially for MAN 4 Jakarta, he added, the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) will make it as a pilot school. The location of MAN 4 Jakarta which is in the center of the capitol city is considered strategic. In addition, based on track records, MAN 4 Jakarta has made achievements that could serve as examples by other MAN.

Meanwhile, Inspector General of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) Daryanto said the implementation of the UN’s first day yesterday, Monday (10/4) ran in accordance with the UN 2017 Standard Operating Procedures (POS) such that obstacles in the field could be addressed properly.

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