House Commission X Awaits Mendikbud Reports

Koran Sindo, page 4

Implementation of the SMA and equivalents level computer-based exam (UNBK) this year is marred by many technical obstacles that hinder students to take the exams on time. House Commission X  awaits the Minister of Education and Culture to report the cause of this problem. On the second day of UNBK implementation, technical constraints such as server down, slow log internet, and blackouts still occur in some areas. The same occurred on the first day of UNBK in some schools in Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Surabaya.

Vice Chairman of House Commission X Abdul Fikri Faqih said the technical problems that arise were already predicted.  Implementation of this 2017 UNBK he admitted was not yet ready. He cited the condition of the schools outside Java had limitations, including the hardware that had not been met.  According to him, there were still many schools that did not have generators should the power fail during the exam.

One cause of the emergence of technical constraints on this UNBK was the minimal budget. The regional administration was considered not to be committed to providing the budget. Currently the regional administration provides education budget of less than 20% of the regional budget.  It also has implications on the lack of budget allocation for UNBK.

This year UNBK participants increased significantly. Based on data from the Ministry of Education and Culture, from 1.8 million students of SMA and equivalents, 1,145,341 students among them or 63.2% were participants of UNBK.

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