Schools Forced to Owe to Cover BOS

Media Indonesia, page 23

Dozens of principals of high schools (SMA) and vocational high schools (SMK) in Bekasi City took loans so that their school operations continue to run. This was done because since the beginning of 2017 until mid-April, school operational funds (BOS) from the central government and the universal secondary education assistance (BPMU) of the West Java Provincial Administration have not been received. One of them is the Principal of SMK Negeri 5 Kota Bekasi, Agus Wimbadi. He sought so that teaching and learning activities could take place despite constrained BOS funds disbursement.

Agus said according to the provisions of the Ministry of Education and Culture Regulations (Permendikbud) No. 18 of 2017, the funds are provided periodically in accordance with a defined percentage until the end of the school year. So too is BPMU under the authority of the provincial administration. For the amount of BOS funds from the central government, continued Agus, each student gets Rp 1.4 million per year, while from the West Java provincial administration each student gets a budget allocation of Rp.700 thousand per month. In total one student gets Rp9,800,000 per year.

Agus explained that according to the rules, the fund is disbursed once every quarter, but up to now there has been no news. Because of that, for three months over 12 days, he was forced to struggle to seek the school’s internal creativity to cover school operating expenses, namely by owing to another agency in order to keep school activities to take place without hindrance. Unfortunately, Agus did not want to explain with transparency how much was his school’s operational needs and the debt owed.

Since the enactment of Law No. 23/2014 concerning Regional Administrations and Government Regulation (PP) No. 18/2016, the management of SMA and SMK of cities /regencies is now under the authority of the provincial government. Therefore, continued Agus, he was no longer able to rely on the assistance of BOS funds from the Bekasi Municipality.


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