Menag: Put Forward Moderate Understanding

Kompas, page 12

Moderate religious understanding should continue to be put forward in the midst of the diversity of the Indonesian nation.  Moderate religious understanding is not only able to honor/ appreciate differences, but at the same time protects and nurtures. Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin conveyed this in the Work Meeting (Raker) of the Ministry of Religious Affairs’ Regional Office of Central Java Province, on Wednesday (12/4). He said, as the majority, Muslims in Indonesia are in the front row and the most responsible for the protection of all citizens of the nation.

According to Lukman, the various phenomena of the rise of ideologies that want to impose their will and their own thoughts and easily blame other parties who differ must be seriously dealt with.  Moreover, these ideologies not only blame, but also have heathenized parties that differ. The implications of such ideologies could lead to violence. As a result, the existence of the Indonesian nation is at stake. Actually, Islamic teaching strongly asserts to be cautious in judging, accusing, indict someone an infidel.

In the work meeting, Lukman presented awards to a number of regents/mayors in Central Java who are considered meritorious and contributed a great deal to providing support to the Forum for Religious Harmony, namely the Regent of Karanganyar Juliyatmono, Mayor of Semarang Hendrar Prihadi and Sragen Regent Kusdinar Untung Sukowati.  Lukman appreciated their contribution in improving the quality of people’s religious life.

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