Regional Efforts Rewarded/ Appreciated

Kompas, page 12

Implementation of the computer-based national examinations (UNBK) will continue to be improved while tidying up the shortcomings that still occur. The central government appreciates and supports the commitment of frontier, outermost, and disadvantaged regions in the implementation of the exam.  Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy appreciated the efforts of regional administrations to hold UNBK amid limited infrastructure.

On the sidelines of the Education Minister’s visit to Aru Islands Regency, Maluku, on Wednesday (12/4), he said, despite limited infrastructure, UNBK turned out to require optimizing the existing equipment and infrastructure. Muhadjir also called for all parties to cultivate honesty.

In the Aru Islands, students of junior high school (SMP) and high school (SMA) & equivalents who could take UNBK reached 46.40 percent of the total 3,099 participants. The rest took the pencil and paper-based national exams (UNPK). Meanwhile, in the entire province of Maluku, the total students who participated in UNBK was only 16.41 percent of the total participants.

One school organizing UNBK was SMK Negeri 1 Pulau Aru. This school served three SMA/MA taking the UNBK this week. Previously, the school had also been the exam organizer for a number of vocational high schools (SMK).


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