Digital System Penetrates C Package

Kompas, page 11

The equivalency education national examination starting in 2017 is pursued in two ways, namely conventional examinations using pencil and paper and the computerized tests. That means the digital exam is beginning to be applied to non-formal education. Especially for the package C (high school/vocational high school equivalent) already started on Saturday (15/4) and Sunday (16/4). The computer-based equivalency national exam for Package C for the moment is followed by 16.32 percent or 40,496 students out of a total of 246,705 participants enrolled by equivalency education. Mostly or about 83.68 percent of the exams are conducted conventionally.

This time the computer based equivalency UN is followed by 879 institutions. While the paper-based is followed by 3,550 equivalency education institutions. Based on Sunday’s observation, the computer-based equivalency exams are generally conducted sharing in formal schools. In SMAN 66 South Jakarta, for example, participants on average are aged 19 to 63 years.

The Director General of Early Childhood Education and Community Education of Kemendikbud, Harris Iskandar said that the program is an alternative for citizens who dropped out, discontinued, or left the formal education system due to economic pressures or other factors.

Meanwhile, Head of Education Assessment Center of Kemendikbud, Nizam said the equivalency national exams are held on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, to accommodate office workers.

Related to the implementation of the equivalency test that coincided with Easter celebration, a number of regions and institutions objected. Secretary General of the Association of Home Schooling and Alternative Education, Budi Trikorayanto said that the National Education Standards Agency and Kemdikbud should be sensitive to diversity.

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