Kemendikbud Prioritizes 3T Regional Teacher CPNS Appointment

The Ministry of Education and Culture will prioritize the appointment of civil servant (CPNS) teachers to be placed in disadvantaged, frontier, and outermost (3T) regions. Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Prof Dr Muhadjir Effendi on the sidelines of his working visit in Malang, East Java, said, there is the appointment of teachers to become civil servants totaling 6,300 people this year, but the appointment of these teachers is prioritized to be placed in the 3T areas, including four 3T areas in East Java, namely Bangkalan Regency, Sampang, Situbondo and Bondowoso.

He acknowledged the shortages of teachers occur in various regions, even in almost all parts of Indonesia. To overcome the shortage of teachers, he said, the strategy adopted is through the Dual Skills Teacher Program. Normative and adaptive teachers are re-educated, and provided with productive subject capability.

Muhadjir said, in that way, the need for teachers, especially vocational high school (SMK) teachers could be addressed without teacher appointment. There were about 12,000 teachers who passed the double-skilled teacher education last year. And, this year there are 15,000 teachers who signed up for this program.

Kemendikbud is targeting 40,000 teachers with dual skills in 2018. It applies to all productive expertise, so that one teacher could teach several subjects. Currently the government through Kemendikbud is preparing 125 SMK pilots to be revitalized. In addition to “linking and matching” SMK with business and industry (DUDI), Kemendikbud is also tasked to improve the competence of vocational educators, as well as increase graduate certification in order to be more competitive in the international market.



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