3,164 People Vie for Scholarships

Republika, page 5

A total of 3,164 scholarship applicants of the first phase will compete for scholarships provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud). The scholarship is awarded for undergraduate and graduate study programs.

Head of Planning and Foreign Cooperation (PKLN) of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Suharti, Monday (17/4), said the scholarship for the first phase is open from February 15th to 15th April. While the administration selection is 16 April to 10 May and interviews. Further the announcements are on May 12.

Meanwhile, the second stage of registration for scholarship is opened on June 1 to July 31. The administration and interview on 1st August to 31 August, while the announcements are on 1 September.

The 2017 scholarships are earmarked for achieving communities/people (degree and non-degree), Kemdikbud employee scholarship (degree and non-degree) and the foreign community scholarship (degree). The total quota for this year is 2,000 scholarships both degree and non-degree.

Suharti explained that based on the previous years, such number of quota was not met in the first phase of registration. Therefore, the Kemdikbud will open the second stage of selection. As for the foreign community, there are as many as 50 applicants this year.

The scholarship program is expected to provide opportunities for people to continue their education to a higher level. Thus, the results of the education they get will be used to support the development of the nation.

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