For Accreditation Requirements, Universities can establish Teachers’ Profession Education Study Program (PPG Prodi)

Indopos, page 2

This year, the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Menristek-Dikti) will open a Teachers’ Profession Education Study Program (PPG Prodi). This was disclosed by the Director General of Institutional Science Technology and Higher Education, Patdono Suwignjo.

Patdono said that the policy aims to improve the quality of teachers and education in Indonesia. In addition the launch of the PPG study program is also to support the formation of competent teaching staff. Previously it had also opened an engineering profession education program.

Patdono said that the PPG Prodi will be opened in all Universities (PT). However the PTs must meet the requirements, namely accreditation of their institutions and S1/undergraduate programs. On the existence of this study program, the Kemenristekdikti will also remove the requirement of PPG participants required to follow the Undergraduates Educating in 3T regions (SM3T) program. Because according to him the PPG can be opened in all universities, either in Java or outside Java.

He said that the goal of the SM3T is to train prospective teachers in the regions. Because actually their study/education process is not in the regions. According to him, those who register for the PPG prodi are not required to be fresh graduates. Opportunities are also given to teachers who have not participated in the PPG.


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