Teachers Asked to Delve and Teach Local History


Director of History of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Triana Wilandadi invites teachers to explore local history in their respective areas and teach students to know the history of their regions. This was expressed by Triana at the opening of Internalization of Nationality Values at the Border 2017, in Siak, Sunday night (16/4).

Triana said that all Social Science/IPS and History teachers in attendance of the event had once attended history teacher workshops and have knowledge/insights of local history writing. According to her teachers should begin to invite students and assign them tasks to explore local history in order to know the history of their own regions before getting to know the national history.

In these activities, junior and senior high school teachers from 34 provinces in Indonesia will visit the cultural heritage site in Siak Regency which is chosen because it has many historical parts as well as historical legacy and sites that still exist up to now and also to study Malay history. Triana said that the purpose of the activity is to raise awareness and belief in the commitment of national values.

link: http://www.republika.co.id/berita/pendidikan/eduaction/17/04/17/oojfdf284-guru-diminta-gali-dan-ajarkan-sejarah-lokal

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