Government Strengthens Relations of University Graduates and Industry

Republika, page 5, Wednesday, April 19

The Minister of Industry, Airlangga Hartarto said that the industry sector provides the largest contribution to the national GDP structure. With such contribution, it is only fitting for the government and all sectors to support the industrial world in Indonesia, specifically in material processing. In addition, Indonesia’s position is as a developing country with the majority population being productive people.  The challenge is that the main focus of government is human resource development to improve competitiveness. This was stated by Airlangga when giving a general lecture in the seminar “Strengthening Link and Match Between Industry and University Graduate Human Resources,” at the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), Surabaya, Monday (17/4).

Each year Indonesia generates 3 million high school (SMA) / vocational high school (SMK) graduates. However those accepted in higher education are only 1.4 million people, while 1.6 million graduates must be absorbed in the job market.  Therefore, the Ministry of Industry undertakes the development of industrial human resources through industrial vocational education development programs, industry internships, competency-based industry training, and certification of the competence of industrial workers. By 2019 the government is targeting to generate 1 million industrial workers through the four programs.

The government will also change the SMK curriculum so that it becomes a new trend for children who do not wish to continue on to higher education.  Airlangga hopes that later on engineers are not only produced from higher education but through SMKs and Polytechnic diploma programs (D1 and D2). The stigma that SMK graduates are unqualified must be removed.

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