Prospective Teacher Educator Institutes Clean Up

Kompas, page 12

The government’s policy of opening the teaching profession to non-education undergraduates is interpreted in itself as a challenge for education personnel educational institutions. At least, the institution is challenged to improve the quality of better learning. Chairman of the Association of Education Personnel Education Institutions throughout Indonesia (LPTKI) Djaali said qualified education undergraduates will certainly compete in vying for quota for regular teacher professional education (PPG), the quota of which is set limited by the government every year.

Djaali reminded, being a teacher is not only demanded to be academically smart. However, they must also have the pedagogical competence and the calling to be an educator. PPG has been designed so that many of the best participants qualify to become teachers.

Rector of Muhammadiyah University Prof. Dr. Hamka (Uhamka) Jakarta Suyatno, who is also a board member of the Indonesian Private LPTK Association, said that to be a PPG organizer, the LPTK must meet the minimum B institution accreditation and A study program accreditation. With that condition, not just any LPTK is able to organize PPG.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Teachers Association Unifah Rostidi said, although the teaching profession is open to the public, there still needs to be siding towards LPTK graduates. Because LPTK is designed to produce graduates who are ready to become educators.  Unifah added becoming a teacher is not only mastering the teaching materials. No less important, being a teacher is a calling and dedication as an educator. Therefore, LPTKs should continue to be strengthened in order to become the mainstay in producing prospective professional teachers.

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