Computer Based Equivalency UN Begins 2018

The Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia targets the implementation of the computer-based equivalency national exam (UN) for students of non-formal Kejar Paket C throughout Indonesia. Head of Reading Culture Section of the Directorate General of Early Childhood Education (PAUD) and Community Education (Dikmas) Kemendikbud Mochammad Kalipi said this year there are those already pioneering, and he hopes that by 2018, more and more are implementing UNBK.

He said that meanwhile the implementation of the computer-based equivalency UN is only conducted in several teaching and learning activities centers (PKBM) of Depok, West Java.  But as the process progresses, he hopes that the updating of the UN system for non-formal education participants or for the purpose of taking the equivalency test on the sidelines of daily routine work could  as soon as possible be transmitted to other PKBM.

From his monitoring so far there are no serious obstacles during the implementation of UNPK, either from the distribution of manuscripts, participants and others. To be able to meet the expectations of the implementation of computer-based UN, he hopes regional administrations also support by providing assistance to non-formal education units to be able to carry out the exam. For example, with the help of procurement of equipment and infrastructure and others. It is done so that this equivalency has the same standard of integrity as the SMA/SMK formal education.


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