Jagai Anakta to Protect Children

Media Indonesia, page 23

Government of Makassar, South Sulawesi, and the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (PP-PA) released the program Jagai Anakta, on Sunday (23/4). Jagai Anakta is a comprehensive program to provide assistance for children with problems, including abandoned children, by providing facilities to help with their rehabilitation.

The Mayor of Makasar, Danny Pomanto, at the launch of the program, said that his administration would strongly campaign for the program Jagai Anakta, as this program relates to the future of our country. Based on the plan, Danny stated that his party would provide the land on which to build the children’s center that will have complete, integrated education supporting facilities. One of these will be a talent home to foster the children’s talents. He also expects support from all parties.

He also expects that the concern of all society in regard to protecting children will continue to grow. In addition, members of society should pay attention and oversee not just their own children but also every child in Makassar.

On the same occasion, the Deputy of Coordination Protection of Women and Children Division of the Ministry of Human Development and Culture, Sujatmiko, stated that the number of cases of violence towards women and children never decreases. In fact, the numbers continue to increase.

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